Here’s The Video Tutorial We Followed To Create A 3D Origami Minion. This Tutorial Is For The Minion With One Eye.

To Make This 3D Minion, You’ll Need:

  • 3d Triangle Pieces.
  • Paper Size M (1/32 A4 Paper): 576 Yellow, 408 Blue Pieces.
  • Paper Size S (1/64 A4 Paper): 168 Yellow, 16 Black Pieces.
  • Paper Size XS (2.1 X 3.3 Cm):29 White Pieces.
  • White Paper – Cut Circle 5cm Diameter
  • Black Paper – Cut Circle 2cm Diameter
  • Black Strips For Hair And Mouth
  • 3-5mm Black Quilling Paper (Long Strips Of Paper) For Button (Optional)

Here’s A Video Tutorial On How To Fold 3d Triangle Modules.

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Happy Origami!